Fall 2016 Course Readings

Here are all the readings, PP’s, and links we used last semester.

Unit 1:

“The Future of the Internet!”: Cadell Last

In-Class Blog Checklist

“Why Blog? Searching for Writing on the Web”: Alex Reid

“Meth Curry” and understanding Reflective Writing: Lean Mitchell II

“No Labels, No Drama, Right?”: Jordana Narin

Project 1: Rhetorical Reflection

Student Sample Essay on Reflective Techniques

“Responding– Really Responding–to Other Students’ Writing”: Richard Straub

Writing to Reflect PowerPoint

Unit 2:

“Dear Elders, I’m Sorry” : Alexis Bloomer

“I’m a Millennial and My Generation Sucks”: Johnny Oleksinski

“Millennials Don’t Exist!”: Adam Conover

Practices of Looking: Image, Power, and Politics: Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright

  • make sure to look at the number of pages appearing on the page of the book itself, not the ones that show up on Google Drive

EPL Prezi

Images and Ideology Powerpoint

Presentation Articles:

“Passes Out”: Katherine Brooks AND “Fraternity Houses”: Violet Overn

FYP12: Angelica, George, Cailyn

FYP17: Salman, Lexi, Hannah, Donit

“19 Hours”: Adam Perez AND “Still Takes the Bus”: Cindy Carcamo

FYP12: Melina, Ally, Sabrina

FYP17: Alana, James, Camila

“War Zone”: TI AND “Rapper Presents Counterpoint”: Adam Howard

FYP12: Konnor, Sam, Soviry, Miguel

FYP17: Jahnese, Julia, Emmy

“Unwell and Unashamed”: Colby Iktowitz AND author of video includes Ikowitz as well as McKenna Ewen

FYP12: Stephen, Laura, Anastasia

FYP17: Joseline, Elbin, Yumiko

“#Proudtobe”: Youtube Spotlight AND “Truly Appalling”: Danielle Weiner-Bronner

FYP12: Cristina, Jaya, Peter, Melissa

FYP17: Malaika, Patricia, Nora

“American Male”: Michael Rohrbaugh AND “Toxic Masculinity”: Matthew Rodriguez

FYP12: Odyssey, Marissa, Victor, Joanna

FYP17: Dwayne, Shannon, Robin, Chris

Documents on MLA Citation:

Practicing Citations

Checking Source Credibility 

Introducing MLA 8th edition AKA The Bible

Argumentative Writing Strategies:

Reviewing the Argument T/R/E

Project 2: A New Social Brand

Synthesized Essay Project Sheets


Group 1; Group 2; Group 3Group 4; Group 5; Group 6


Group 1; Group 2; Group 3; Group 4; Group 5; Group 6

Writing Strategies for Persuasion (Quoting/Paraphrasing/Summarizing/Synthesizing)

“Why we can’t stop body-shaming”: Todd Leopold

Writing an Introduction

Articles Available to Use in P2:

“Dear Elders, I’m Sorry” : Alexis Bloomer

“I’m a Millennial and My Generation Sucks”: Johnny Oleksinski

“Millennials Don’t Exist!”: Adam Conover

“Men-Ups!” Rion Sabean

 “Passes Out”: Katherine Brooks

 “Fraternity Houses”: Violet Overn (only look at the fraternity house series)

19 Hours”: Adam Perez

“Man-Up” : Deandre Levy

“The Trump Effect”: Carin Zissis

“White Guys” : Rebecca Traister

“Life with a Disability”  : Jordan Davidson

“The Disabled Life” Tumblr : Jessica and Lianna Oddi

“Bathroom Selfie Saga” : Maxwell Jamison

“Alarming Rates” : Colby Itkowitz

 “Still Takes the Bus”: Cindy Carcamo

“Rapper Presents Counterpoint”: Adam Howard

“War Zone”: T.I.

“Unwell and Unashamed”: Colby Iktowitz

“#Proudtobe”: YouTube Spotlight

“Truly Apalling”: Danielle Weiner-Bronner

“American Male”: Michael Rohrbaugh

“Toxic Masculinity”: Matthew Rodriguez

“Why we can’t stop body-shaming”: Todd Leopold

“The F Word”: Jennifer Weiner

Notes for P2: 

Evidence/Synthesis Packet

Notes on Evidence/Synthesis/Counterargument

Conclusion Notes

Your Questions on P2

Sample Syntheses

Unit 3:

Comparative Analysis Breakdown

“Mobile Narratives” : Adriana de Souza e Silva

P3: Comparative Analysis

Researching Sources 

Sample P3 Outline 

Your Questions on P3