Course Documents

Unit 1

“Homogeneous Configurations”: Gilligan et al.

Reasearch Writing: Steven Krause

1. Evaulating Credibility 

2. Brainstorming for your Paper

Project 1: Research Rationale 

“Making Selfies”: Katie Warfield (Scholarly Article Breakdown Example)

Academic Research Writing Power Point

Writing Inquiry Questions Power Point

Unit 2:

Lesson Plan Schedule:

FYP 12:
2/21: Cristina and George
2/24: Melina and Peter AND Laura, Jaya and Ally
2/28: Anastasia and Stephen AND Miguel and Odyssey
3/3: Soviry and Sabrina AND Angelica, Sam, Marissa
3/7: Cailyn and Joanna

FYP 17:

2/21: Emmy and Yumiko
2/24: Hannah and Jahnese AND Lexi, Joseline, Julia
2/28: Robin, Chris, Elbin, AND Donit, Dwayne, and Camila
3/3: Nora, Alana, Malaika
3/7: Salman and Shannon

Research Group Plan

Project 2: The Annotation Lesson and Bibliography

Chapter 6: the Annotated Bibliography 

Creating Your Lesson Plan (template link on last slide)

Research Journal Blogging Prompts

P2 Part 2 Notes and Forms 

Annotation Sample 

Annotated Bibliography Format

Writing an Annotation PP

MLA 8th edition Guide (Thank you, Catherine!)

Library Consultation Form

Problem-Solution Preliminary Outline

Annotation Examples for FYP12

Annotation Examples for FYP17

Annotation Rubric AKA HOW I GRADE

Unit 3:

FYP 12 Essay RTs




FYP17 Essay RT’s




Writing a Thesis PP

Writing a Thesis Audio Lecture (please disregard ending where I discuss office hours)

Project 3 Sheets:




Rhetorical Terms and Strategies Cheat Sheet

Evidence-Synthesis Review


Full PP

Organization method examples 

Organizing your paper audio lecture

P3 Workshop Guide