Homework for Tuesday, May 2nd (Yes, there’s homework)

When I assigned homework in class today,  I heard mixed reactions. Some were like, “What?” Others were like, “What the hell?” Others had already walked out, so let’s hope they check the blog.

Our socratic circles are nearly completed, meaning 1/3 of your final projects are done. As I’ve said many times before, I’m bringing back an old favorite. The VLOG!

I was asked in class if we could do “joint vlogs.” My answer is sure, but it’s limited to three people, and that means you all must talk for the same amount of required time, otherwise, I’ll remove points from everyone’s grade.

Example) Jo, Tom, Harry all have a vlog

Jo talks for 4 minutes, Harry talks for 4 minutes, and Tom talks for 2. Jo,  Harry, and Tom will all have -5 points from their grade.

On your vlog:

You are going to answer the following questions in a 4 minute time frame. I recommend not writing anything out word-for-word, but rather keeping some notes on you if need be.

1) Last semester, we covered a lot of ground on social media. From analyzing others, ourselves, and the world around us, rhetoric opened a door for brand new ways of looking at our online and offline world. As you moved into this semester, do you find yourself looking at, or using, social media differently? How and why?

2) What was your biggest OMG moment during the course of this year?

  • OMG relates to the moment where your mind was blown (if this occurred)
  • Try to be specific as to how and why this affected you and if any reading, presentation, or project triggered it
    • PAST PROJECTS: Rhetorical reflection of a partner, Social Branding (redoing advertisements to stop the perpetuation of a dangerous ideology, comparative analysis with Souza e Silva and a Location Based Social Media App, Research Rationale, AB, and Freshman Paper 

3) What do you plan on taking from this course and applying to your future in college or professional life?

4) How do you feel that collaborating with your classmates, your professor, and the Manhattanville community (librarians, writing tutors, other profs, etc) has changed your writing identity? (Writing identity referring to who you are as an author/writer/human)

Any closing statements/

  • Your vlog is going to be due on Monday, May 1st by 5:00PM– please email me the link to your vlog as well
  • Your vlog will take the format at a Youtube video.
    • When you’re finished, send me the link via email
    • Make sure to make your video public so that it can be seen by everyone- this allows me access to it

I spend WAY too much time on Twitter.

See you all soon, both digitally and in-person.





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