Homework for Tuesday, April 25th: AKA the day of reckoning, judgement day, or for some, the best day of the semester.

It is the day you will hand in your freshman paper. I purposely withheld the folder information since I wanted the ultimate focus on the essay itself. Some of you might have decided to do process work before applying finishing touches to the paper; this is what I wanted to avoid, so now, despite everyone most likely not being done, I’ll reveal it to you.


  • By 10:00AM on Tuesday morning, you should email me your paper. A full-draft of your freshman essay includes the following:
    • A full 12-15 page draft
    • A MLA formatted Work Cited page with ALL sources used in your paper (not as a separate document. Please put it at the end of your essay)
    • A properly formatted draft:
      • Heading
      • Numbered pages in upper-right hand corner: example: LaPadura1
      • Centered title in 12 pt font- do not bold/underline etc.
      • Double–spaced paragraphs/ single-spaced heading
      • 1-inch margins all around
      • 12 point, legible font- NO COMIC SANS (save that for informal documents)
  • I will only accept a Word Document or a Document from Google Docs- it is your responsibility to make sure you DID NOT send me a PDF. PDFs or Pages documents will not be graded, and they will result in a 0.
  • If you send me your paper at a reasonable hour, I will respond with a confirmation email — non-reasonable hours = after 11:30PM
    • Any papers later than that will not receive a confirmation email

In your folder- you won’t get your folders back, so give me one you can part ways with

  • A hard copy of your freshman essay- work cited page included
  • The copy of the freshman essay guide your partner filled out for you
  • The revised highlighted copy of the essay your partner sent you for the final workshop
  • Workshop letter: this letter has two parts
    • Part I: At the end of last semester, I sent you your grades for the third paper you completed using Sousa e Silva’s article- tonight, April 23rd, I will resend you those papers
    • Read over the comments that I left on the draft I am sending to you (margin comments and end-note) and answer the following questions in 350 (or more if you want) words
      • What are some of the errors you made on the fall P3 paper?
      • How did you rectify those errors on your freshman essay?
      • In what ways do you feel you’re writing has grown/changed since writing the fall P3 paper and writing the freshman essay? Improvement? Decline? Stayed the same? Explain why.
    • Part II: This will be completed in class, so please make sure to bring your laptop, as I will have you email this to me

There is much more to come in these finals steps to the finish line. We have a few end of year projects to complete (don’t worry, they are all easy), and then our time together will end, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Until then, here’s the queen of England’s face on Rihanna’s body.

I assume this person does not have a freshman paper to write, but it may be more likely they do.


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