Homework for Friday, April 21st

Today was our first major workshop. As we went over strengths and weaknesses, you may have seen parts of your paper you were proud of and parts that need a little work. Either way, you analyzed your own writing, and this is something you’ll need to do over the course of your college career.

Your homework will continue these skills as you start revising the draft you brought in today. As I explained in class, here’s what you’ll be doing.

For your own paper:

  1. Read over the comments your partner left you in class today
  2. Make revisions to your paper–if it’s on Google Docs or One Drive, create a new draft to make revisions on by copying the content from your original, and pasting it to a new document
  3. When you’re finished revising, highlight all the spots on your draft that you changed
  4. Send your highlighted draft to your partner by Thursday between 9:00PM and 9:30PM

For your partner’s paper:

  1. Access the highlighted copy of your partner’s draft
  2. Access the P3 Workshop Guide under Course Documents
  3. Reading over your partner’s draft, use the guide to make comments
  4. Fill out the guide either electronically or by hand (if you do it by hand, make sure to add spaces before printing because I did not do that)
  5. Bring the guide to WS to discuss with your partner

If you are in a research group of three, you only need to doΒ one guide, so decide how that’s going to work in your group

We will devote the first 30 minutes of class to discussing the comments you left for your partner in the guide. The rest of class will be devoted to writing technicalities, tone, transitions, citations, and formatting

For class on Friday:

  1. Bring a laptop with an electronic copy of your draft OR a printed copy of your draft

As I said, we’re ALMOST there. If you have any kind of concerns, feel like you’re choking/dying/drowning, or possibly all of the above, contact me. I can only help you if you help yourselves.

If you haven’t checked out Dog Rates, you’re not living, and if you feel like you’re dying, this will revive you

You’re all 15/10 to me.


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