Homework for Conference week and beyond:

Some of you may have noticed I didn’t check the length for your 8-10 page workshop. I figured a little break would be needed, and chances are many of you are not at that point yet. You have other classes, and you have other responsibilities, so while this doesn’t give you any process points, I hope it alleviated the pressure.

A few reminders for the following week:

  1. There are no classes scheduled for Tuesday or Friday since we have conferences
  2. Sign-up for your conference ASAP via the Doodle link. Email me if you have yet to receive it (check ALL your emails/ junk mail/ spam first)
  3. Conferences are on Tuesday and Friday, so please come prepared

Here’s what you need for conferences:

– A new outline: This should be more refined, and possibly take on a different structure than the preliminary outline

  • Fill in the gaps where you left things blank, or decided to come back later to include more info
  • Alter the outline to fit your new purpose/audience since that may have changed for some of you
  • complete each section, especially the CA/Alternative Solution, and Solution pages
  • Outline should cover your entire paper including an idea of your conclusion
  • check out the following under Course Documents:
    • outlines slides under the evidence/synthesis review PP (located at the end)
    • the outline organization method examples
    • The outline organization methods lecture

– The first two pages of your essay: I can usually tell how well a paper will do within the first two pages, so bring those so we can look them over- make sure it is a full two pages 

Your conference point breakdown is 60 points 

  • outline: 40
  • two pages: 20

I do not have office hours on Tuesday or Friday, so be sure to use your resources. These include your research group, classmates, and the writing center


APRIL 18TH AND 21ST: FULL PAPER WORKSHOP–more info will be given to you about workshop during conferences




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