Homework for Tuesday, April 3rd


Homework for today is short and sweet. First, I’m putting the portion of the PP we covered in class today under Course Documents. I’m also going to put the packet there. I’ve decided that since the packet is so much work, I’ll count it as process work for the final draft of your essay. We’ll discuss points for process work in class on Tuesday. I’d like to get your opinion on how much you think this is worth.

Those of you that were absent, complete the following packet sessions:

  1. Part I
  2. Part IA

To complete Part IA, contact your research group, and ask them to look over your work, and also look to them for the notes you missed as well.

Your only homework is to continue working on the draft. No matter how you write your paper,Β do not leave citing to the end. Cite as you go along.Β For a longer paper, this is a must. Otherwise, you risk putting info that is not yours AKA plagiarism.

These workshops are extremely important, so I need you all to come prepared. I give explicit instructions on the blog for what to bring (DRAFT WITH EVIDENCE EXAMPLES). Not having that, is akin to not being prepared. Come to class prepared. If your partner is unprepared, than take the initiative to partner yourself with someone else for that activity.

Second, do not pack-up your bags, put on your coat, or put anything away if I, or a classmate, is still talking. If you need to leave early, even if it’s five minutes early, email me and tell me beforehand. I’ll be frank with you; this is the quickest way to get on my bad side. Yes, I have one, and it takes a lot of work to get there, but doing thisΒ will book you an express pass.

To avoid leaving you with something so authoritative, many of you may have read J14, TigetBeat or the like as a youngin’. They have quizzes on there designed as flowcharts. Here’s an example:


Image result for bop magazine quiz


I took this groundbreaking technique to teach you YOUR CITATION STYLE. Not really “style,” since that’s a personal decision and this is a rule. Anyway, you can find it on the very last page of your packet.

PS: Comment with answers to all three of these insightful quizzes with a descriptive paragraph of your results. No word count required. You’ve all been working really hard, so you deserve some extra credit.






16 thoughts on “Homework for Tuesday, April 3rd

  1. samcalkins says:

    For the first test, I got Adorable Adam for my guy best friend. A real down-to-earth but yet funny kind of guy. Its pretty accurate, I mean my best guy friends from home fit in this category. I was kind of surprised that Adam from Lizzie McGuire was even a candidate because he’s not that cute or famous but whatevs. For the second quiz, my smile is like Emma Watson. Taking this as a total compliment considering she is absolutely gorgeous. I hope everyone thinks of me as a smiley girl that people can get along with just like Emma. Lastly, my favorite quiz, my heart will sing in spring all because of Zac Efron. Totally not surprised getting him because he has been a real crush for me since high school musical came out. Definitely the first guy I was ever in love with (then Justin Bieber of course).


  2. marissacordaro says:

    For the first quiz I got Awesome Orlando as my guy best friend. For him it says sensitive and adventurous. This is true for me because the guy best friends that I have are always thoughtful and caring towards their girl best friends, and most of the guys that I hang out with are pretty adventurous. For the second quiz I got cute curve smile like Emma Watson. This fits me because I was told by security guards at my high school that I have such a nice smile that brightens their days. For the third quiz Zac Efron will make my heart sing in the spring. Zac fits me the best because from experience kind words and smiles always make me happy.


  3. hannahslaterblog says:

    For the first test I got awesome orlando. The quiz says he is a true romantic which is my favorite thing ever. Romance is very important in any relationship wether it is a candle lit dinner at an expensive restaurant or a silly hand made card. For the second quiz I got Emma Watson and I was pleasantly surprised, but then i read the description and it did not relate to me at all. I have been told multiple times that when i am staring off into space i have a resting b**** face. Lastly, for the third Quiz i matched with Chace. He is athletic and loves the warm weather lie I do. I was very happy when i matched with him. I wouldn’t mind spending some time on the beach with him.


  4. don24selimaj says:

    For the first test I got adorable Adam, which is great because I was absolutely obsessed with Lizzie McGuire. It said that loyalty comes first for him and I can definitely relate to that. For the second one, I got a shy smile like Vanessa Hudgens. It said that I give closed mouth smiles which gives off the impression that I think before I speak. Although that’s true, I always feel like I’m smiling from ear to ear at all times. Lastly, I got a sporty dude for the last one who is just what I need in the spring because we’ll spend hours outside soaking up the warm weather. That is for sure something I would take advantage of being that NY weather is so confusing!!


  5. odysseyandrews says:

    I used to love TigerBeat and J-14 growing up. Shortly after that obsession, I upgraded to Seventeen Magazine, which was also great. Anyway, that’s not the point. My results for these quizzes were pretty shocking. I’d never thought that I would ever match up with Orlando Bloom, Emma Watson, or Zac Efron in anything.
    Quiz 1: I got Awesome Orlando, a sensitive and adventurous guy (10/10 on the attractiveness scale.)
    Quiz 2: I got Emma Watson, or the “cute curve” smile. I guess that’s true, I am pretty friendly πŸ™‚
    Quiz 3: Lastly, I got Zac Efron. I have no words, just heart eyes…


  6. blogsbyjos says:

    I loved these tests!!!! I remember thinking that they were totally true and my crush totally loved my cute smile lololol!! Anyways for the first test I got awesome Orlando Bloom, which is not that bad I do think he is very cute. Fr my second test I got Emma Watson which I think is true to be honest because my smile is not the biggest but I do smile with my teeth. I also do love her so I’m okay with it. Lastly I got Zac Efron and I honestly was obsessed with the High School Musical Series like I cried when it was over, so getting him was the best thing lol. See what I mean I am getting emotionally involved with the test. s, which is why I shouldn’t be taking them lol


  7. Malaika Fraser says:

    So I really couldn’t help myself with this one. Although I only completed one of them which would be the smile quiz. I got a 12 on the score and according to the selection my match is Emma Watson with the cute curve smile. And according to the quiz that means me an Em are one in the same. (insert crying) emoji. I haven’t seen one of these quizzes in forever and its almostΒ a breath of fresh airΒ Β to be seeing them now. While I’m at it my true match is Zac Efron and the quiz couldn’t say not so. He was the loml when I was little.


  8. ayaj1998 says:

    I always loved doing this quizzes in M magazine, I was never into Tiger Beat or any others. On the first quiz I got mostly A’s and C’s which means I got both Adorable Adam and Benji Babe. It makes sense because my guy Bestfriend is very nice and down to earth when it comes to me but he will also always tell me how it is or how he thinks I should go about a situation. For the second quiz I got Emma which makes a lot of sense because my smile is not too cheesy with a little teeth I got my braces off last year after having them on for 6 years so I’m still not used to showing teeth yet. For the third quiz I got the Handsome Zac Efron. I am a hopeless romantic since this is spot on when it comes to matches.


  9. lanaarbucci says:

    I learned from the first quiz that my best guy friend would be Adorable Adam. This makes sense because of how they explained his personality. Howeverrr this also makes sense because the guy in the middle from Pirates of the Caribbean is sooo cute and I could never be his friend. The next answer was that I am most like Emma Watson when it comes to smiling! I love this because she is so cute and she was just in Beauty and the Beast! It says that I am friendly and easy to get along with just like her, so that sounds good to me. Lastly, apparently I am in tune with Zac, and this is just perfect. I always thought he was cute but after seeing him in the neighbors movies…it makes even more sense that my answers lead to him.


  10. melinastranofyp says:

    These quizzes arent really my thing but im always down for extra credit. so on the first quiz i got adorable adam and it made me laugh because i immediately saw the character gordo before anything. and my best guy friend is the opposite of him so its pretty funny to me. the second quiz i got emma and im not surprised. my smiles pretty nonchalant, not too big or small so it made sense that im in the middle. also quick side note she was perf in beauty and the beast. and lastly on the third quiz i got soulful singer, chris. love his music so much and it says the guy im in tune with is sweet and caring and will take me on amazing dates, so sounds lit.


  11. cristinamasi says:

    For the first quiz, I got mostly C’s which means my best guy friend is “Benji the Babe” aka Benji Madden. To be honest, I had to look up who that is because I don’t know who he is but after seeing that he is a rock star with a punk personality, it made sense to me because I feel like I have a “punk” side and I typically do not go along with what others are doing. For the second quiz, I got “Cute Curve” by Emma Watson. I do agree with this result because my smile is nicely curved and I have one dimple! For the last quiz, I got Chris Brown as my answer. I think this is because I am very much into music with passion and meaning, and Chris Brown’s music is very soulful.


  12. lauraprestipino says:

    When I was younger I would B E G my mom to buy me these magazines just so I could take these quizzes (and hang the corny posters on my walls).

    For the first quiz, I got Adorable Adam as my best guy friend, which makes sense because the guy friends I have are all nice & down to earth as well, so this quiz was pretty accurate I guess!!

    For the second quiz, apparently my smile is just like Emma Watson’s, and now that I think about it, I think that’s very true as well! According to the quiz, our smiles show people that we’re easy to get along with, and I think of myself as someone who is easy to get along with as well so… Also I just saw her in Beauty and the Beast which is one of my favorite movies, so I was pretty happy about that.

    Last but not least, Zac Efron will “make my heart sing this spring,” which is a dream come true since I was in love with him when he was in High School Musical (and lowkey still am)


  13. juliascatenato says:

    I use to love these quizzes when I was younger. My sister and myself were big fans and would bring them everywhere. For the guy best-friend quiz, I got Orlando Bloom, which is fitting because Pirates of the Caribbean was one of my favorite movies growing up, the ride at Disney is even better. The smile quiz threw me off though, because I got gigantic grin like Kelly Clarkson, which I’m not too sure about. I don’t always smile with a gigantic grin, and some people say I have a mean resting face, but I think when I am really happy and in a good mood and laughing is when I have the gigantic grin. Lastly, I got the creative cutie, Zac Efron! This is fitting because I LOVEEDD High School Musical when I was younger, who didn’t. This was fun to do and was a great way for me to have a brain break and get away from all the stress that I have going on with the end of this semester!


  14. jahnese98 says:

    I used to love doing these when I was younger, and in love with Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers lol I used to go crazy over them.
    Quiz 1: Adorable Adam
    Quiz 2: Kelly Clarkson
    Quiz 3: Chris Brown ; of course i love that man


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