Homework for Friday, March 31st

Congrats on finishing your first major workshop! While it may feel small, it is a milestone. You began writing, identifying challenges, and building an understanding for the big picture. As we progress toward the next deadline, our classes will be organized in the following way:

Friday, March 31st: Evidence, Synthesis, and Citation review

Tuesday, April 4th: Methods for Organizing your Essay

Friday, April 7th: 8-10 page WS

Here’s what you need to prepare for Friday:

Bring: The draft from today into class. If you have a digital draft, I recommend bringing a hard-copy one as well.

  • In your draft, be sure you have examples to assess where you’re utilizing evidence, practicing synthesis, and citing your sources

Many of you seem to feel like you’re in this alone. You’re not. You have your research group, your classmates, the writing center, and myself. You are completing a lengthy undertaking, but it’s not impossible. So far, the work I’m seeing is great. Many of you are on the right path. In terms of moving forward, utilize the project sheet, and do not be afraid to make changes. While it may not feel like it, it’s early enough to still change purpose if need be.

As for my office hours, I currently have the following meetings with students:

Friday morning: 10:00AM

Friday afternoon: 2:00PM and 3:30PM

If you need to meet with me, keep these times in mind. If you would like to book a time during my office hours instead of dropping in, I also recommend that.

I also recommend following Complex on IG because they post groundbreaking mash-ups like these:

Mask off. @future

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