Homework for Friday, March 24th

For the next two classes, we’ll work on your thesis. In a series of two workshops, you’ll be solidifying your thesis. The thesis is your essay’s anchor, so before moving forward with writing, we need to establish a base. This lets all claims have a common purpose. You may end up altering your thesis down the road, but it’s best to start somewhere. Our first workshop will be digital and your partners will be your research group. Keep in mind that with a solid thesis draft, and a preliminary outline, you can begin writing the paper. 

  • First Deadline: Tuesday, March 28th: 4-6 Full pages. Can be ANY PART of your paper. 
  • If you are unable to come to class, you are still expected to workshop with your partner by sending them your work ahead of time for them to look at in class. You are also expected to look at their work too. This applies to planned absences (games, travel, etc).
  • Read/Listen: I prepared a lecture on writing your thesis under Course Documents titled “Writing your Thesis PP” (clever, I know). Attached to slide one, is a link to the audio lecture. There is also a link below the PP to the audio lecture. 
  • On your blog: By Wednesday at 10:00PM post the following answers to your blog. Remember, to understand the vocab I put in bold print below, and to get full credit, you need to listen/read the PP. 
  1. What is the main point of your essay? 
  2. What is your essay’s purpose?
  3. Who is your essay’s audience?
  • After answering these questions, write a draft for a potential thesis. Following your thesis, write at least one concern (you can put more) you have about your thesis. Put this in question form. Here are some examples:
  1. Does the language I used match my essay’s purpose? 
  2. Is my audience clear? 
  3. Is my proposed solution something my audience can do? 
  • Based on your essay’s purpose, you’ll have differing concerns. 
  • On your group member’s blog: By Thursday at 8:00PM, you will comment on your group member’s thesis post with feedback. They will use this feedback for Friday’s assignment, so please be timely. Feedback should include the following:
  • Answers to your group member’s concerns about their thesis
  • An ADDITIONAL critique as well as positive comment about their thesis 
  • GRADES: Because this is a workshop, for completing your post and comments on your partner’s post, you will receive 10 process points (5 each)
  • Because this is also a blog, you’ll receive an additional 6 blog points (3 each)
  • Bring: Our second thesis workshop will be on Friday morning, so bring in a copy of your thesis that reflects the corrections your group members made to it. During this class, you’ll also have the chance to WS your thesis with me, so take this seriously. 
  • Your thesis for WS two will be 5 process points 

If you are in FYP 17: here is what I am asking you to send me in reference to the WS letter. Please send this to me by class time on Friday to receive credit. 



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