Homework for SPRANG BREAK (said in Alien’s–James Franco’s–voice)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve probably never seen Spring Breakers, and while that’s probably helped you retain brain cells, a little context is always good. Here.

Anyway, let’s talk logistics.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT: Unless you emailed me and let me know you would be, and why you were (as I asked), do not email me for clarification. I won’t answer. Rely on your group members for help, and read the blog thoroughly. If you did email me, check the blog before hand because if it is easily answered on the blog, my answer will be “check the blog.”

Deadlines: These are the following deadlines from now, to when you hand in the freshmen paper:

Tuesday March 21st: AB/outline due in hard-copy

  • FYP12: You have annotation rubric from WS due as well

Tuesday March 28th: 4-6 Page WS

Friday April 7th: 8-10 Page WS

Week between 9th-15th is Conferences

Tuesday April 18th-Friday April 21st: Full WS

Paper Due: Tuesday, April 25th

Homework for the Break:

You are responsible for completing the following assignments during break. All of these documents GO IN A FOLDER:

Annotated Bibliography: 

  • Finish your AB with the following requirements: Check out the rubric I put under Course Documents for a clear outline of what each annotation should include
  • At least 7 sources: 3 scholarly sources- the rest can be popular
  • I grade the AB on a ten-point scale. All your sources must hit each of these points:
    • Alphabetized Sources/ 160 words each (that’s summary and evaluation together)
    • Hanging Indents
    • Correctly Formatted Citation -> This includes punctuation
    • Thorough Summary- meaning context, thesis, relevant reasons
    • Objectivity- use of author tags
    • 3 scholarly- 7 in all (the rest can be popular)- must be from peer-reviewed academic journals, books etc. A MA/BA/PhD thesis for dissertation does not count
    • Author Credentials
    • Date relative to your argument (Dated- this source is still valuable because…/Recent- the last five years)
    • How you are using it
    • Identification of red flags (dated, no author, unknown publisher, bias, not a lot of sources in Bibliography etc.)- if there are no red flags, you can skip this step
  • As for formatting, including the above, you must have a centered, unedited title reading: Annotated Bibliography
  • 1-inch margins, 12 point font, and numbered pages with your last name: LaPadura 1
    • For more on Format, see Course Documents for the single annotation format, and for the full Annotated Bibliography format
  • I will not be collecting this project digitally

Preliminary Problem-Solution Outline:

As explained in class, your job is to fill out the outline using the information you’ve discovered thus far about your sources as well as the annotations in your AB.

  • The outline should be printed, but does not have to be hand-written. You can type and print it
  • Directions for filling it out were explained in class, so consult a classmate if you need assistance–one person from each group was there, so this should not be too challenging to accomplish

As I said in class, the real writing begins after break, so make sure you’re ready to take it on by following my deadlines.

I hope you all enjoy your break! When we return, I’ll reveal my research to you.



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