Homework for Friday, March 10th

Just in case you haven’t seen the 1,000,000 other posts where I write due date reminders, please remember RESEARCH JOURNALS ARE DUE FRIDAY AT THE TIME YOUR CLASS BEGINS. 

FYP12: 10:45AM

FYP17: 12:10pm

When it comes to what your Research Journals include, I should see the following:

  • Five posts made to chronicle your research progress throughout the three weeks we’ve had student lessons
  • Posts should be 350-500 words in length UNLESS they are annotations.
    • Annotation posts should be 160 words (Summary and Evaluation) Citation does not count toward the word count
  • Posts are made on your blog
  • Posts do NOT have to include an article. They are whatever you want them to be. All I care about is word count

Next announcement, those of you that were absent, you’ll be pleased to hear about our new deadline for the AB. Drum roll please…

The Annotated Bibliography is due on  Tuesday, March 21st. I took class consensus on how we’re doing, and some of you are not…doing, so I’m allowing for an extension. There are conditions to this:

  1. Condition Number 1: You have extra time, and that is a luxury meaning, I am expecting STELLAR annotations that will change my life (JK), but really, they should be excellent from punctuation, writing technicalities, summaries and author tags, and identification of all red flags. Grading will not be lenient, and yes, sometimes I grade more leniently, but this is not one of those times.
  2. Condition Number 2: You have homework over break. It will be a preliminary outline. Given the extra AB time, I want to see your annotations as part of your outline. This will become more clear when I introduce the outline on Friday.
  3. Condition Number 3: You still have to go to your library consultations at the time you said you’re going because we’re not trying to overload the library; however, if you want, you can go during spring break. Note that the hours are different during breaks.

If you are NOT coming to class on March 10th, email me and let me know so I can accommodate your research group during workshop. Keep in mind also that if you’re not sick, don’t have a game, or haven’t spoken to me about whatever life issue is happening, these are unexcused absences. Travel does not count as an excuse. Check to see if you can afford an absence. Remember, you only have three freebies.

Based on the above, here’s what I’m expecting on the 21st:

  1. Your Annotated Bibliography
  2. Your Preliminary Outline

I know we didn’t get to do annotation anything today. I forgot I told the CCD to come, and they never emailed me confirming this date until before class so…

ANYWAY, annotation review will be on Friday. Here’s what you need:

  • Bring: a perfect annotation

That’s all! I will handle the rest.

I don’t normally tell individual students what to do on here, but Peter and Angelica, I’ve emailed you both about meeting with me regarding your rationale. Remember I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR AB UNLESS YOU MEET WITH ME BEFORE HAND. That does not mean the morning of the 21st, so I suggest you email me ASAP.

On to less deadline-ish things.

I want to give a serious round of applause to all of you. Teaching is not easy, and talking for 30 minutes seems impossible, but every lesson was educational in some way. You’ve all showed an immense improvement in public speaking, clarity, and confidence. Some have opened-up in ways you never would have last semester. All of you are truly coming into your own, and I am honored I get to share in your growth. Thank you for letting me be a part of your educational experience.

My recommendation is to reward yourself with little things. I do this when I work by playing the following. Many of you probably won’t be surprised.

Yes, I write my own raps.


2 thoughts on “Homework for Friday, March 10th

  1. joannaoppedisano says:

    if the link doesn’t work:

    Annotated Bibliography

    Strickland, Amelia. “Exploring the Effects of Social Media Use on the Mental Health of Young Adults.” (2014). HIM 1990-2015. 1684. http://stars.library.ufc.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2683&context=honortheses1990-2015. Accessed 3 March. 2017. In this article, Strickland describes how the population of young adults are at risk of increasing their mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, etc… due to social media. Strickland talks about the negative and somewhat the positive affects social media has on young adults, she starts off by mentioning how social media is a form of electronic communication and is a helpful way to stay connected, but then starts to tell us about the downfall to social media. Strickland says, “The researchers themselves found that more time spent on Facebook and a higher frequency of checking Facebook predicted higher narcissism scores.” Strickland also mentions that face to face interaction positively correlates to improve mental health and adults who are more socially connected are healthier and live longer. This source is fairly recent, as it was published a couple years ago and was written as a thesis since Strickland had been striving to earn her college degree. I further plan on on using Amelia Strickland’s thesis in my research paper as it provides helpful information about my topic which is once again, how social media positively and negatively affects communication and socialization skills.


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