Homework for Tuesday, February 28th

Another awesome set of teachers. From exercising and treating a sports injury, to SES and child development, to parenting an ADHD child, and learning the ins and outs of feminism, your topics (and YOU) continue to fascinate and engage.

Those who taught today 2/24:

  • Email me by 10:00PM feedback from your lesson. The questions to answer are on the project sheet
  • Post under Course Assignments your completed annotation from the article you used for your lesson

Those teaching on Tuesday 2/28:

  • meet with me to go over your lesson plan agenda
  • share with/send me your completed lesson plan and materials (IF you want feedback. This is not required)
  • Bring your completed annotation for the article to class in a hard copy-one per member
  • Bring a copy of your lesson plan to class- one per group

Those teaching on Friday 3/3:

  • Meet with me to go over your lesson plan agenda
  • Find an article to revolve your lesson plan around and come-up with preliminary ideas to teach with

The groups going on 2/28 have assigned the following for homework:

FYP 12:

Odyssey and Miguel: Complete the survey by Monday at 6:00PM.

Anastasia and Stephen:

  • In 300 words, write about a day in the life of your senior year of high school
    • Start from the moment you wake-up to the moment you get home, and describe your experiences socially, academically, and if you want to, personally
    • Please complete this as a post on your blog by Monday at 6:00PM


Donit, Camila, and Dwayne:

  • Write a paragraph (250 words minimum) on a time you lost your identity. If you haven’t, describe a situation that would cause someone to lose their identity.
    • Identity can be racial, sexuality, religion, personality (confidence, self-esteem), a role you play (athlete, student, actor, musician), a political stance you hold (conservative, liberal) anything of that nature
  • Complete this as a post on your blog by Monday at 6:00PM

Elbin, Robin, Chris:

  • In your notebook, answer the following question:
    • Do you think the news can sway public opinion? Why might using their power to sway public opinion be morally correct or incorrect (think, good and evil), explain your reasoning.

Deadline refresher:

  • Research Journal Posts: March 10th by your class time
  • Annotated Bibliographies: March 14th via email, or earlier
    • Must include Library Consultation Form

Over the week, my puppy turned ONE. Me being me, I had a birthday for him. Bask in this GLORY:




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