Homework for Friday, February 24th


Let’s give a huge round of applause to our first teachers who might be better at my job, funnier, and more engaging than I am. The bar is set pretty high, but I have faith each of your teams will rise to meet it.

As for homework from your classmates, we have a change in events for each, so please read carefully.

FYP12: Laura, Jaya, and Ally have decided to assign homework in light of our meeting. Here is what they’re asking you to do by Thursday at 6:00PM as a post on your blog:

  • Classmates will have to describe their earliest childhood memory in a minimum of 250 words
  • Be descriptive

FYP17: The homework you have from the following groups has also changed a bit:

Hannah and Jahnese:

  • In your notebook, answer the following question:
  • What do you think of when you hear a child has “special needs”? If you know anyone with special needs, discuss how this person’s life is different in home/school when compared to a person who doesn’t have special needs?

Lexi, Julia, Joseline

  • Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwJRFClybmk
  • List some of the points that the woman in the video says and whether you agree or disagree. Why?
  • Answer in a 300 word response on the blog by Thursday at 6:00PM

If you are presenting Friday, 2/24:

  • Send me a copy of your article you’re using to present the night before you teach
  • Bring me a hard copy of your annotation for the article your work is based on (one per group member)
  • Bring me a hard copy of your lesson plan
  • Must meet with me once before hand to get your lesson approved

If you presented today:

  • Send me a recap of your lesson (questions for what to send are on the project sheet) by 10:00PM tonight 
  • Post your annotation  as a reply to the post titled: “Annotations for FYP” The same blog post will be used for both classes

If you present next Tuesday 2/28

  • Have the homework you want to assign for Tuesday by Friday’s class
  • Meet with me to discuss your lesson plan

On to your individual homework:

Based on the annotation practice homework, I thought it best to have a redo assignment. You can analyze the annotations more in-depth, and it helps to raise your grade. Win-win! What you you need to do, and what we went over in class, is below:

  1. Access the Annotation corrections that I sent to you via email
  2. To do the corrections, I copy and pasted your annotation on to the second page of the document I sent you. Go to the corrections I left you, and assess how it is different from  the one you wrote originally
  3. Make a list of the corrections that I made–meaning, describe what the changes were. (Example- the publication was italicized, the title had quotes added to it, “et al.” was added to the primary author)
  4. On page three of the document, rewrite the annotations with the amendments I suggested. Highlight any changes that you make from the original so I can see how you altered it.

Please send me your revised annotation by Thursday at 8:00PM

Did anyone know that Lifetime (I know them because they air project runway now–bye, Bravo–) had a Britney Spears lifetime movie?!

I heard it sucks, but you can try it out, one more time (HAH).


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