Homework for Tuesday, February 21st

Today’s class introduced you to the Annotated Bibliography, a style of writing that summarizes and evaluates sources used in a larger research project. In case I did not say it enough, your AB is very important, and when done right, can help you write your outline, plan, organize, and write your research paper.

For homework, you can begin working on the AB. To get you started, I am assigning a practice annotation for you to complete on your blog. I will provide feedback to make sure everyone is on the right track.

Blog: Choose an article that you want to write an annotation for. It can be the one from our homework labeling academic article parts, or it can be one you recently found.

  • WordPress does not allow the hanging indent function, so write the annotation on a separate word document 
  • Upload the document to Google Drive/One Drive, and paste the link in your blog post 
  • Write one question that you have about your annotation underneath the link. In addition to giving you feedback, I will answer that question
    • It can be about structure, format, content, citation, punctuation, etc.
  • Your practice annotation is due Sunday at 10:00PM 
  • Use the PP on Writing an Annotation and Catherine’s MLA packet all found under Course Documents for assistance

Over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll hear lessons from classmates, but that doesn’t mean your research goes out the window. To keep you on track, we’ll be writing entries in a research journal you’ll keep on your blog.

Research Journal Assignment:

  • Using the blog prompts under Course Documents, OR a prompt of your own, you’ll compile 5 research journal blog entries cataloging your research’s progress.
  • Entries should be 350-500 words. All five of your posts must be completed by class time on March 10th 
  • We all research differently, so I am not assigning post by post deadlines. It’s up to you to manage your time effectively
  • The research journal blogs amount to 20 process points toward P2 Part 2

Annotated Bibliography (Part 2 of P2)

  • We introduced the AB today. To find the project explanation, look at the sheet under Course Documents
  • The AB is due on March 14th at 10:00AM. If you complete it beforehand, you can hand it in to me, otherwise, email is fine
  • You need 7 sources in total- 3 must be scholarly

Library Consultation Process Work:

  • Part of your process work is meeting with the librarian (Can be Catherine, but any librarian is fine).
  • You need to bring two completed annotations so they have an idea of what you’re studying.
  • Here are the hours for the reference desk. You need to get your form signed as well. To send it to me, scan or take a photo of it, and send it along as process work
  • The consultation form is also under Course Documents 
  • The consultation is 10 process points for P2 Part 2

As for Tuesday, we have our first student lecturers.Here is the homework they assigned for each class.

FYP 12: George and Cristina:

  • Using the link, take the survey on advertising technique
  • On your blog, in a 300 word post, record your reaction to the survey and include one question from the survey that influenced your reaction
    • Which ad affected you the most and why?
    • What is your opinion on altering advertisments in this way for the consumer?
  • Your post is due on Monday 6:00PM

FYP 17: Yumiko and Emmy

  • Watch the video on the life of an Undocumented Citizen
  • On your blog, write an answer to this question:
    • What emotions/feelings would you have if you knew your parents were going through something like this? If they were threatened with being forced to leave country?
  • Your post is due Monday at 8:00PM



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