Homework for Friday, February 17th


Thank you for tolerating whatever sleepless rants I forced upon you. But, more importantly, thank you for filling me with all the joy. Your faces when trying to guess the word I was asking you to guess cannot be replaced.

Now, for my absent students; Peter, Cailyn, Salman, you have some work to do.

  • First, we formed our research groups. Your partners should have emailed you with the Research Group Plan.
  • It’s your job to fill out the portion asking you to summarize your research. Since you were grouped by a similarity, and you weren’t in class to decipher what that similarity is, your job is to email me yours and your partners completed Research Group Plan. Your partner started it, so I expect you to take the initiative to finish it.
  • You will most likely have to talk with your partner to determine the similarities in your pairing.
  • Please send this to me by Thursday at 8:00PM

As I said in class, your next task is the Annotated Bibliography. Just like I introduced you to Academic Research Writing, you’ll be introduced to this genre.

Read: Chapter 6: The Annotated Bibliography- Steven Krause under Course Documents

Write: We’re introducing a new writing genre called the Annotated Bibliography, but instead of me building the RT for you, you’re going to make your own RT using Krause’s notes. To make the RT, you have to define the following in your NB, and bring it to class on Tuesday.

  1. What is the purpose of an AB?
  2. Who is the intended audience of an AB?
  3. What is an AB composed of? What does it include and why?
  4. How does an AB affect your research project? Positives/Negatives?
  5. Be prepared to discuss these questions in class

Reminder: Those who signed up for the 21st MUST send me homework they want assigned to the class by Friday.

  • They must also meet with me to have their lesson plan approved
  • In meeting: come with a sample lesson plan– I am not planning this for you, so be prepared to do some independent work

Bring: laptops

I forgot to tell you all, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

BAlou + abBY = BABY! Puppies on the way! Happy Day of ❤️ from me & my sweet Abby of @bluegemfrenchies

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