Homework for Friday, February 10th

Our marathon workshop showed that there are too many of you, but not enough Ms. LaPaduras. It also showed that you’re all so interesting and engaging that I can’t help but lose track of time! I’m glad I spoke to everyone (eventually), and I am excited to see where your topics bring you. Before I break down the rationale requirements, I had a student come in today, hand me their paper, and say “OK, rip me apart.” There are several issues to address here.

  1. The Rationale is NOT MEANTΒ to be ripped apart word by word. It is an explanation of your topic to me and your future research group. I am not going through it with the intention of picking on how you wrote it, but instead, looking at what you wrote and how it details your plan for the essay.
    • There is no sample rationale because everyone’s will look different

On to the homework:

In your folder:

  • Process Work: 40 points
    • Your completed process chart
    • your partner’s draft
    • Notes from our meeting
    • Workshop Letter
    • How did you like workshop- organization, partner, time management, structure
    • How do you feel the past classes/assignments prepared you for choosing your topic? Understanding the academic writing genre?
    • (satisfactory/unsatisfactory, what could have been done better to prepare you?)
    • Anything you want me to know before reading your draft?

Research Rationale:

  • completed draft that is 2 typed, double-spaced pages, 1-inch margins, 12-point legible font, standard heading, centered title, with numbered pages

Emailed to me:

  • By 10:00AM on Friday morning, you must email me a copy of your research rationale
  • If you have Google Docs, send it through my gmail: elapadura1@gmail.com and be sure the document is not private OR that it gives me permission to view it
  • Otherwise, send it to me through my Mville address (on the syllabus and our course blog). I do not accept PDF based on my grading methods, so please do not send me those.



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