Homework for Tuesday, February 7th

I have legitimately been talking for the past three hours, and not to add in the class time talking, but as a teacher, a lost voice is expected. Things for my fellow educator focused friends to look forward to.

We know Tuesday is workshop, and of course this seems scary, but trust me that this weekend’s homework will help out. I also have Tuesday morning office hours from 9:00AM-10:30AM, so feel free to stop by to chat, freak-out, whatever!

Before completing the blogging assignment, you have homework that we started in class due tomorrow.

  • Write: On the scholarly article that you chose in class, you’re going to mimic the note taking strategy I employed on “Making Selfies” by Katie Warfield
    • Access the article under Course Documents
    • Download the article to your computer and open it in your PDF viewing program
      • If this does not work, upload it to your Google Drive, and open it with the Lumin PDF viewer to view my comments
    • Mimic my comment style on your academic article by making notes on your observations of its main subject areas (this will differ depending on the article
      • For review of subject areas, see the North Carolina State University website we looked at in class
    • Finish comments on your draft, save the document, and email it to me by Saturday at 8:00PM for 10 process points
      • If you did it on drive, you can save it and then share it with me on Google Drive (elapadura1@gmail.com) make sure to give my email permission, or make the document public.

Once you completed the article analysis, you can focus on part two of the brainstorm. For this we bring back the lovable, cuddly, everyone’s fave, vlog.

These are the vlogging groups based on section
















  • For the vlog, you will record a 5-7 minute discussion in which you talk about three areas of interest you feel you could write your paper on
  • These could also be three different aspects of one topic if you feel you’ve gotten that far
  • You must talk about why this interests you, what you might want to explore within that, and what you hope to learn from it
  • Do not write a speech and then recite it word for word
  • Do use the previous brainstorming exercise as inspiration if you feel it helped you generate some good ideas
  • Your vlog is due on Sunday at 8:00PM

Vlog Comments:

  • Your vlog is going to help your partners provide you valuable feedback. Instead of having simplified comments, we’re going to have these comments emulate the process chart we looked at in class
  • Each partner is going to watch their partner’s vlog and choose one topic the partner discussed to write a process chart for
  • The chart must include the area of research you picked, and then your suggestions for a possible topic within that area, a problem within that topic, and a sample inquiry to illustrate that problem
  • Try not to choose the same area as another partner; the idea is to give your partners as much feedback as possible based on the interests they described in their vlog
  • Your feedback should mirror the amount of words in the original process chart- you don’t have to make an actual chart. Typing it out is fine
  • Your comments are due on your partner’s vlog, and for my review by Monday at 5:00PM

Bring to class for workshop: 

Process Chart

  • After looking at the feedback your classmates gave, you’re going to make your own process chart depicting the area, topic, problem, and possible inquiry you’ll use
  • You can take, or take and modify, a chart your classmate suggested You can create a new chart all together
  • Either way, you must bring one process chart to work with in class on Tuesday

Rationale Draft:

  • With the process chart, you’ll be writing a draft of P1 we will be workshopping on Tuesday. Your draft should meet the following requirements:
    • Be 1-2 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 pt legible font, proper heading and numbered pages
    • Adhere to the questions on the project sheet, and clearly answer them for your audience
    • After workshopping with your partner, you’ll be meeting with me to go over both your chart and your essay draft
    • Please be sure to bring in a list of 2 questions you want to ask during our meeting

You can find all the Power Points we used for this unit under Course Documents


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