Homework for Friday, January 27th

All of your breaks were exciting, relaxing, and not filled with pirate-affiliated eye protection as mine way. Kudos! It was wonderful to catch-up with all of my favorite people. I hope you’re ready to take on the freshmen essay with as much gusto as you did other projects. I know it seems terrifying, scary, and perhaps indomitable, but I assure you that with teamwork, perseverance, and the reality that this is 50% of your grade, we’ll get through it.

As I said in class, the first portion of our semester is dedicated to Academic Research Writing. You sampled this genre with Souza e Silva’s work. It was a smaller version, but it gave you an idea of what conversations you’re entering, and how these articles look. We’ll start off by jumping headfirst into academic research with an article from Gilbert et al.

  • Read:Β I want to show you want a research article (meaning a first-hand study), looks like. Your homework is to read and annotate (take notes on) “Homogeneous Configurations,” and answer the following question in your NB:
    • Do you think this source is a scholarly article? Provide a defense for why or why not

Bring your answer, as well as the printed out and annotated article on Friday. You can find the article under Course Documents.Β 

As for Advising today, take what Holly and Matthew said seriously. If you want a student perspective, while I’m not an Mville expert, I can talk to you about post-grad planning. Here’s the first important date.

  1. Add-Drop Period End: January 31st (Nothing wrong with dropping a class if it’s not for you. Plenty of students change their schedules around. Don’t be afraid to do so.

I know you’re all a little frightened, but there are scarier things than the freshmen paper.

If you’re a horror buff, you might think of tying in the real and the fantastical as an essay topic! If you just like scary stuff, that’s fine too.


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