Many of you began where little Patina did; you claimed you didn’t have it in you to write 2 pages, 6 pages, 8 pages, and yet, you all conquered those challenges and more. But how? Was it all your words and ideas? It began there, but it continued with the help of our academic discussion partners. An essay is a conversation, and this year, you will not join one that already exists; first semester prepared us for that. Instead, you’ll be creating one not yet brought up. No longer looking to prove existing points, you’ll be making your own with the purpose of exploring, persuading, or educating an audience.

Social media prepared us for this kind of research. The content there is always being remixed, reposted, and reproduced. The same can be said of your work. You are the essay architect, the content creator set to solve a problem that audiences might not yet know about. FYP I taught us the importance of following our passions, but despite the apparent freedom, we were a little boxed in.With those walls taken down, the world and all its issues is yours to take on.

We will be using this WordPress blog as the main location for our assignments, readings, due dates etc. In addition to announcing our HW assignments in class, I will be posting the assignments to this page, so you can always check back here to see what you need to complete for the week. If you ever want to look back at last year’s materials, you can access them by going to the Fall 2016 Course Materials tab. Scroll over it to see the secondary tab featuring our course readings.

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